Swedish localization


Testimonials about Swetest!


"Swift, reliable, a pleasure to work with."

Luc Vandenbosch, IXL Translations


"Linda is ... LINDA(trademark)! No one aside, no one above,

Linda is dedicated and delivers a marvellous service."

Tommy D. Nordkvist, U-TRAX Quality Assurance

"Linda's eye for detail and knowledge of the Swedish language make her

an excellent linguistic tester. She is methodical, motivated and always

delivers her work with a smile. She has no trouble with deadlines and

will always find time to help out."
Ann Elliott, U-TRAX Quality Assurance

"Linda is a great tester and translator for Swedish and English. Not only

does she know the ins and outs of the gaming industry, she also brings

a positive attitude to the table that makes it a very pleasant experience

to work alongside her."
Mendel Bouman, Emagica